Me at my bench making a ring. 

After years of trawling through my Grandma’s jewellery box, I embarked on a journey to learn to make my own jewellery. In 2012, I graduated from Middlesex University with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Jewellery and Accessories.

In 2015 my new workshop and studio was set up in Southend, on the Essex coast. Each item is handmade by me in my workshop. All of my jewellery is handmade from solid sterling silver or gold and all stones are genuine semi precious gemstones. 

Following the success of my jewellery, in 2015 I was also able to adjust my working hours. I now work part time in my (very non creative) day job and spend my afternoons making beautiful pieces of jewellery. 

Since training as a jeweller I have become a bit of a magpie and I am addicted to buying pretty gemstones. I keep promising to make something with them as they seem wasted sitting in their little trays, so do keep your eyes peeled for a collection of one off gemstone pieces! The gemstones I buy are generally one off stones that catch my eye, so be sure to snap up these pieces quickly. Once they are gone, they are gone, which I must admit is what has been stopping me from using them so far!